Health Technology Assessment in MEA
White Paper
Oct 05, 2018

Constant innovation in medical science and health technologies aid in improved health care. However, they also create a continuous challenge for health systems to ensure that they are properly evaluated and used in the most cost-effective manner possible. In the Middle East and African (MEA) region, implementation of HTA is in its nascent stages. Gaps in HTA practices in MEA region can be broadly classified into 3 categories – HTA activities, Infrastructure and Governance.

To understand HTA needs in the region from a pharmaceutical manufacturers’ perspective, IQVIA conducted a cross-sectional study targeting market access executives across 25+ pharma companies in the MEA region.

They were asked to share their views on HTA process maturity and capabilities, unmet needs and collaboration opportunities between manufacturers and the government. The respondents’ pool for the survey was diverse in terms of the portfolio managed, background and geographic focus.

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