Commercial Effectiveness

IQVIA understands, and that’s why we’ve created technology solutions that help enhance your commercial effectiveness to enable you to better deliver healthcare effectively.
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Optimizing operations to drive value

A successful healthcare organization requires an effective commercial operation. Patients need to be able to reach you and have their concerns heard and resolved. Performance needs to be monitored, analyzed and enhanced. And logistics need to be run smoothly and efficiently.   

A successful healthcare organization requires an effective commercial operation.

Our Performance Management solutions deliver business intelligence and key performance indicator tools that enable everyone from senior executives to individual contributors to align around unified, near real-time performance metrics. 

Our Supply Chain solutions consolidate many complex processes into a single platform to address facets of a company’s order and stock management needs. We provide simplified reporting, improved document management, and increased visibility across the supply chain.

Our CRM solutions ensure there is a single, validated source of truth, and integrate seamlessly with other systems, providing the dynamic flexibility required to meet unique and changing business needs.

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