Recruit and retain the right patients – faster

Finding and keeping the right patients throughout your trial requires thinking beyond direct-to-patient recruitment and understanding what motivates them. IQVIA can help you achieve faster, more accurate trial timelines, accelerate recruitment, reinforce patient bonds and keep patients engaged throughout the entire lifecycle; from clinical development through commercialization.

  • Leverage our relationships with large hospitals and systems capable of enrolling hundreds of patients per year.
  • Benefit from our industry-leading depth and breadth of patient and real-world data to drive better site and patient insights. Our high-performing sites (1,200+ across 20 countries) enroll 50% more patients than non-partner sites.
  • Increase retention rates up to 59% using proven strategies that reach patients through customized outreach and messaging based on their individual profiles.
  • Employ a complete recruitment and retention solution using the capabilities, knowledge and experience of IQVIA in getting patients to participate and remain engaged in your research.

Let us help you enroll and retain the right patients for your trial.