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In today’s world, it is essential to be heard beyond the walls of your organization to build awareness and engage with stakeholders and patients. Digital engagement, through social media and digital marketing, is vital for the success and reputation of your healthcare services. Reach out to us to find out how you can get closer to the audience you want.
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Build and nurture valued relationships

At IQVIA, we’ve built solutions with which you can engage with patients, payers, providers and the healthcare community and gain better insight on what everyone is saying and in which direction the industry is moving. We help get your word out and build awareness.

Build and nurture valued relationships

IQVIA’s Marketing Automation solutions can help you demonstrate value to your stakeholders so you can stay ahead in a crowded, high-pressure market. By combining a flexible marketing database with execution and reporting tools, our solutions power and automate your relationship marketing engagements.

Our Content Creation team helps you reach your online audience when, where and how they want. We help you create messages that best suits your audience and help disseminate them through the right channels.

Identify and respond to shifts in brand sentiment and adverse events with IQVIA’s Nexxus™ Social – a cloud-based platform that brings structure, precision and a healthcare focus to information proliferating across tens of millions of sites worldwide. Maintain market vigilance while making the most of market opportunities by tracking structured and unstructured data.

Our HCP Interaction Portal (HIP) enables you to globally integrate and control the entire HCP/HCO engagement lifecycle in a single, web-based platform.

HIP easily integrates with existing compliance and corporate IT infrastructure, providing easy access to customer master, vendor record, purchase order, and invoicing data. Data can be leveraged across the organization for enhanced visibility (detailed data analytics, spend cap tracking, operational performance), both at the program and individual HCP levels.

woman on her laptop
woman on her laptop

Is your digital marketing investment delivering real business results?

IQVIA’s Social Listening solution gives you the holistic, real-time insights you need to make better decisions and enable better patient outcomes. And by leveraging the IQVIA CORE, you can access a breadth and depth of healthcare expertise to not just capture the conversations, but to cut through the noise.

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