Patient Support Programs

IQVIA is here to help deliver the optimal healthcare experience for patients while supporting our clients’ success. Contact us to learn more about IQVIA’s patient support programs.
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Positively impact patient outcomes

As healthcare around the world shifts to a more patient-centric focus, it’s crucial to ensure that your patients’ unmet needs are attended. Identifying and addressing the gaps in the patient journey, from diagnosis to treatment initiation and follow up, help ensure patients’ needs are taken care of. Designing patient-focused programs and services enhance the patient’s experience and outcomes.

With our Patient Support Programs, we can help you better cater your products and services to meet the patient’s needs. Our programs will help you handle effective, on-time patient enrollment, activation and on-boarding and HCP belief, buy-in and participation. Our programs will also help get consistent, approved in-market programs launched on-time and on-budget. We’re here to help improve improved patient understanding, adherence and outcomes for better results.

IQVIA offers numerous patient support programs covering various aspects of the care each patient receives. 

Financial assistance programs enable more and improved patient access and enhance patient loyalty. 

  • Co-pay management
  • Loan management
  • Claims support
  • Prior authorization

Education and counselling services help motivate patients to adhere to their treatment and medication and improve patient retention. 

  • Home nurse visits
  • Inbound support line
  • Outbound calls/reminders
  • SMS reminders

Technology enabled engagement provides clear linkage between results and reports to the care provided and encourages better patient adherence. 

  • Remote monitoring
  • Patient apps
  • Artificial intelligence

Clinical support and intervention also enhances patient access and adherence through the following services:

  • Drug administration
  • Home based clinical support
  • Medical tests