IQVIA On-demand Matching

An end-to-end match and merge solution that facilitates ongoing data integration between records originating from different sources.
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See how IQVIA On-demand Matching can facilitate integration from various sources so you can get the most from your data.

IQVIA On-demand Matching

Improve operational efficiency and accelerate best-practice data management processes.

On-demand Technology - Online powerful matching engine integrated with your systems, intuitive user interface to manually resolve ambiguous and unmatched records, simple data interfaces. 

On-demand Services - Data stewardship services to help you resolve unmatched records, data profiling and optimization for lower quality sources, and IQVIA implementation services.

Speedy Insights - Configure the reference you want to match against, load your source file, and On-demand Matching automatically matches your file against the defined Reference Data.

  • SAAS technology
  • Templates and pre-canned configuration ensures rapid deployment of the solution in a matter of weeks.
man focused on a laptop
man focused on a laptop

IQVIA On-demand Matching provides turnkey technology and services to assign IQVIA master keys to your data.

  • Self-service solution provides users with the control over when to post data, how data is validated and when it is exported.
  • Compatible with other proven IQVIA technology platforms.
  • Can be quicker, easier to use, and a more flexible solution when a complete master data management system is not affordable.
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