Private Payers and Insurers

Health benefit analytics for effective response to market changes.
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The private benefit plan market in Canada has never been more challenging as prescription drug costs continue to rise and access to new therapies is increasingly restricted.

In addition to understanding government pricing policies, HIIS services can help you monitor private health group benefit claims and emerging plan utilization trends plans to facilitate strategic decision-making and optimize results. Our powerful business intelligence tool designed for health benefit analytics that transforms data from various sources into meaningful information. It provides insights on plan spending and utilization trends and goes beyond what is currently available by providing key industry benchmarks.

  • Recommend the most cost-efficient plan design changes specific to each Plan Sponsor’s unique challenges
  • Monitor costs and their true drivers, and guide decisions in developing a cost containment strategy
  • Understand your clients’ wellness and outcomes requirements

We can also serve adhoc requests to enhance your business offering by leveraging our analytical expertise and other data holdings to address more complex research questions such as: 

  • Treatment and benefit use patterns
  • Estimated ROI
  • Predictive modeling
  • Influence of persistency