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Indispensable patient, provider and payer insights, and market-defining methodologies to support sales and marketing decisions.
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Healthcare companies require a clear picture of market dynamics to better understand and anticipate opportunities — and respond to changes with greater precision and speed.

As the leader in healthcare market intelligence, we take a vast array of healthcare data and facts and transform them into actionable intelligence for our clients. IQVIA gives companies a complete and consistent view of market dynamics through global, national, and local measures of product sales and prescribing.

For nearly 60 years, IQVIA has developed and maintained strong relationships with a diverse set of data suppliers throughout the Canadian healthcare delivery chain to provide clients with the most relevant, comprehensive information. Many of our data suppliers are also customers—a reciprocal arrangement that supports continuity in the data supply. This network furnishes information to us in the form of:

  • Anonymous patient-level insights
  • HCP and channel insights
  • Payer insights
  • Prescription insights
  • Sales insights 

By bringing this information together, we create a singular view of healthcare markets, product demand, patient health, and the value of medicines. We do this while respecting individual privacy, and employ a combination of privacy, compliance, legal and other resources, together with a combination of technical, physical and administrative safeguards, to ensure that privacy and data protection are core competencies.