Health informatics and services to support sound decision-making.
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Facing ever-higher expectations around quality, safety, efficiency and costs, governments and their agencies seek innovative solutions for transforming vast quantities of healthcare data into actionable insights.

Federal and provincial governments also count on our solutions to serve as an extension of their teams—providing relevant and timely healthcare information, tools, analyses and services to support decision-making and operations. Examples include:

  • Evaluate how Canadian regulations to encourage new drug development compare to practices around the globe
  • Establish and monitor drug prices (federal) and to support listing decisions (provincial)
  • Assess drug utilization practices within Canada and around the world
  • Track treatment costs and utilization patterns to determine which drugs are the most cost-effective
  • Forecast the impact of the demographic wave on drug utilization
  • Make fact-based policy decisions and monitor their outcome

Information Insights

IQVIA provides neutral and anonymized data on disease states, the use of prescription drugs, and longitudinal patient data:

  • National audits 
  • Regional sales audits 
  • Non-biopharma audits
  • Canadian Primary Care EMR Data


Technology and applications

Technology services can also provide governments with an enhanced understanding of healthcare operations, outcomes, and costs at the patient, practice, and institutional levels.

  • Secure mHealth solutions
  • SaaS applications
  • Master data management
  • Business intelligence tools


Real-world evidence

  • Analytics and tools
  • Patient Registry Outcomes measurement tools


Consulting services

  • Primary care service insights
  • Practice variation analysis