リアルワールド ソリューションに関する幅広いポートフォリオを通じて、製品ライフサイクルに臨床的および商業的側面の両方から価値をもたらすことをお約束します。


Following constantly changing regulatory requirements. Our safety operation evolves day by day



  • 個別症例報告支援
  • 研究報告・措置報告支援
  • 医療機器不具合報告支援
  • 定期報告支援
  • 安全性データベース構築支援

The environment and regulatory requirements surrounding drug safety are constantly changing. IQVIA captures these changes reliably and reflects on our safety operation. In addition, IQVIA is constantly pursuing operational excellence and provides the best Pharmacovigilance service to customers. Furthermore, adopting advanced technologies such as AI and Automation as soon as possible to reduce processing time to reduce outsourcing expenses. In addition, not only the human services, also offers implementation and maintenance service of the safety database.

Core Service

  • Case Processing for ICSR
  • Research Report/ Report of Measures in Foreign Country Support
  • Medical Device Malfunction Report Support
  • Periodic Report Support
Implementation Support for Safety Database