Navigate regulatory pathways with confidence.

As the consumer healthcare market evolves, so do the regulations ensuring safety and efficacy. IQVIA Consumer Health's local and global experts help you navigate complex regulatory environments and develop seamless pathways to registration.
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Registration and Market Authorization

IQVIA Consumer Health helps optimise opportunities with country- or region-specific evidence-based regulatory approaches for bringing new products to market.

Access New Markets Expand your reach and navigate new markets with confidence by tapping into our extensive knowledge of the global consumer healthcare market with our geographic expansion solutions, regulatory pathway strategies and regulatory intelligence network. Regulatory Content Work Ensure a flawless path to registration with IQVIA Consumer Health's in-house regulatory content management systems, trial master file services, dossier development capabilities and more. Clinical Trials Draw on IQVIA Consumer Health's heritage in clinical trials tailored specifcially for the consumer healthcare market, from real world evidence, trial design and more.

Uncover a smooth path to geographic expansion

IQVIA Consumer Health can help you gain compliant and efficient local market access with an unmatched network of 1,600+ global and local regulatory experts in more than 65 countries.

Local Insights Access to local knowledge and resources: Local specifics. Understand local enviornment and policies Local Regulatory Feasibility Local market entry strategies: Pre-audit. Mapping of regulatory strategy. Understand timelines and costs. Local partnerships as needed. Adaptation Local clinical and formulation requirements. Strategies for specific adaptations. Execution of clinical and real world evidence. Development & Claims Local labeling, interaction with local authorities, local regulatory maintenance/lifecycle support. Clinical strategy & implementation. CTD dossier development.
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