Compelling claims to capture the minds of consumers.

Today's empowered consumers expect products to reflect their lifestyle aspirations, especially when it comes to health. IQVIA Consumer Health can help you discover differentiating and relevant claims and products that speak directly to consumers' needs.
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Product and Claim Development

We help you maximize your business' potential by uncovering the right evidence-based products and claims to ensure a smooth path to market.

Product and Claim Development RX-to-OTC switches: Break new ground in the consumer health space with IQVIA Consumer Health's switch-validation capabilities and utilise our real world evidence expertise to bolster the switch case and regulatory expertise to ensure flawless applications. New Product Claims: Reach top of mind with consumers and HCPs by utlising our innovation strategy, regulatory and scientific expertise to uncover fresh claims that cut through the market noise. New Claims for Existing Products: Revitalise existing products by illuminating and validating new claims through IQVIA Consumer Health's social listening technologies and regulatory expertise.

Rx-to-OTC switch guidance from concept to execution

Our Rx-to-OTC Switch solution offers R&D and regulatory capabilities across the complete switch journey, including clinical and dossier development. 
Switch Concept Development Screening & Identification First pass assessment of indications and regulatory factors "Switchability" assessment  Regulatory assessment identifying key hurdles & opportunities Environmental assessment Including influence mapping (e.g., medical, regulatory, advocacy, payer, political)  Switch Strategy Regulatory Strategy Development of a regional and or country specific regulatory strategy Regulatory advisory committee interaction and management Clinical Strategy Study design & protocol development tailored to US or EU needs Development of a digital strategy to support more complex switches  Switch Execution Regulatory execution Switch dossier preparation and submission, management of the authorities, experts and KOL's Clinical execution Recruit and run switch support trails and label/leaflet comprehension studies
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