Unique launch strategies to make your products shine.

In a crowded market, consumers and retailers want better reasons to believe in new healthcare products. IQVIA Consumer Health's experts work with you to co-create imaginative launch strategies to ensure your product reaches its potential.
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Launch Strategy and planning

IQVIA's Launch Excellence capabilities employ deep knowledge of the market and machine learning to facilitate quick, precise decision-making so you stay ahead of the market.

Optimise Go-to-Market Models Get your new product where it needs to be with our promotional and channel mix capabilities, commercial modeling expertise, innovative Orchestrated Customer Engagement technologies and contract sales force services. Internal Launch Readiness Prepare your business for launch with IQVIA Consumer Health's Launch Excellence suite of services, KPI framework, and modeling capabilities, along with our organisational alignment expertise. Validate and Align Forecasts Ensure your launch makes the right impact at the right time in the right place with our forecasting and modelling capabilities, business case assessment/validation expertise and concept testing capabilities.

Plot your course to launch success

IQVIA Consumer Health's strategic business forecasting and planning capabilities can illuminate your path to launch success. Coupled with our leading category dynamics intelligence and our top competitor brand and company identification capabilities, we help you position your launch to capture the market.

Regulatory dynamics for 55 countries. 5-year forecasts for 74 countries. Overviews for 6 region.s Analyze sales, categories & company performance for 50 countries.
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