Your technology investments can help you bring treatments to patients faster, ensure regulatory compliance, and increase your commercial performance. At IQVIA, we’re focused on innovative life sciences-specific technology to deliver the results you care about. 
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We believe in offering best-in-class technologies developed through a connected world of strategic partnerships such as Salesforce and Reltio™. Whether standalone or as part of a solution, the technology is designed to support your growth and keep up with fast-paced technological advances.

  • Improving planning, tracking and executing of clinical trials. Solutions include site optimization, content management and site payment management
  • Managing regulatory risk with advanced compliance solutions that embed market-specific expertise
  • Helping you understand your markets, channels and customers better to optimize launch excellence
  • Creating more precise engagement approaches to support a move to precision medicine
  • Automatically managing patient data securely to keep risk to a minimum
  • Performing commercialization operations management, marketing management and sales force effectiveness - and integrating the three for more efficiency and greater agility.

Rethink how you approach development and commercialization with technology built specifically for life sciences companies. As part of the IQVIA CORE™, our technology is available to solve your specific needs and drive your top performance.