Expertise, technology, customer centric result oriented services

IQVIA™ is a reliable partner for its customers. As experts, we help in the development and optimization of operational activities. Thanks to this, our partners can devote more time to solving key priorities and increasing the efficiency of doing business 

Sales force outsourcing. Recruit and quickly deploy staff and services to solve business problems. Optimize commercial processes (forecasting, marketing, analytics, sales) using cutting edge technologies and an omnichannel approach to the implementation of campaigns. 

Adaptive model of field forces deployment. Choose the sales force working model that is tailored to your business KPIs: onsite (personal, non-personal digital) or a hybrid model combining. 

Marketing. Evaluation of competitive pressure, analysis and development of a promotion strategy and content for omnichannel marketing (online offline communication) 

Market penetration. Effective interaction with the commodity distribution network. Conducting negotiations and assistance in concluding contracts with distributors and pharmacy chains. Optimization in the choice of channels of the distribution network and activity by different criteria (product strategy, geography, controllability, etc.) 

Leverage our global and local experience and advanced technology that will give you the flexibility and confidence in the successful commercialization of the organization's assets. Contact us to learn more