Enabling outstanding performance to capture market potential, ensure market access, and maximize value and profitability.

Delivering insights for superior decisions

We deliver insights to get superior decisions and a head start from research and development all the way down to portfolio, launch, commercialization, and market expansion. Our experienced team of healthcare therapeutic, market, and business experts support every aspect of healthcare, pharmaceuticals and life science industries.

We serve leading global and local companies in pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices, life science and R&D, public and governmental institutions in healthcare.


Key Areas of Support


R&D strategy and portfolio development

Leveraging our clinical research expertise and global data assets (global sales, clinical trials and registration) we support our clients in developing superior research and development and portfolio strategies focusing on the most potential therapeutic areas and highest unmet medical and market need. We provide a preclinical and post-launch valuation of assets in healthcare harnessing corporate business strategies.


Market access

Having a presence in more than 100 countries and top-notch regulatory and market expertise with a dedicated team of pricing and market experts allows us to leverage our market knowledge and deep understanding of stakeholders needs to develop the most effective approach to market access and ensure sufficient pricing and reimbursement. Our real-world evidence assets allow to meet the highest regulator’s requirements in developing the evidence-based criteria for better market access.


Product strategies and launch support

Superior forecasting capabilities coupled with expertise in supporting launches of more than half of the world’s outperforming brands allow to ensure successful product strategy by delivering deep therapeutic area, key stakeholders, competitors and channels insights. We support our client in launching a new product or indication, building competitive defense strategy, understanding the market dynamics and forecast.


Commercial and go-to market solutions

We assist our clients in growing sales and commercial operations in the most effective way. A plethora of data assets (retail and governmental sales, launches, registration, promotional and direct to consumer expenses, competitive benchmarks, distributors and pharmacies data etc.) allow to take accurate and effective analytic-driven solutions on sales force sizing and allocation, territory alignment, building promotional channels and teams, creating distribution of chain strategies, tracking performance of sales representatives or channels and, finally, capture maximum potential in sales.


Segmentation and targeting of key stakeholders

Understanding key customers and partners is critical for successful sales and commercial strategies. We maintain an up-to-date universe of physicians, pharmacies, and hospitals as well as distributors and chains, which are crucial for successful customized segmentation and targeting approaches. Targeted projects that create or improve existing client’s segmentation provide a quick boost in operational efficiency and increase of ROI.


Marketing and brand communication strategy

Deep dive into therapeutic and customer expertise accompanied by superior data on markets, competitors, promotion, prescription as well as consumers and patients to provide valuable insights in creating and harnessing brand / product marketing strategies. Our consumer health center of excellence and primary research teams provide multiple quantitative and qualitative research with physicians, pharmacists, KOLs, patients, hospitals and pharma company representatives to bring incredible results. We run focus groups, sales representative performance checks, message recalls and pricing studies to develop in-depth product insights.