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Operating in a dynamic market requires companies to be fully aware of market trends and promptly respond to changes.

How quickly does a new product take a share of the market? How do advertising costs affect sales? What strategy do competitors use to promote their products? How should field force be allocated? IQVIA provides tools that help customers answer these questions. 

  • Retail and non-retail audits of registered drugs, medical devices and parapharmaceutical products with detailed sales to the level of SKU at national, regional and territorial levels; 
  • Tracking of the promotional activities among doctors and pharmacists including assessment of the shares of costs of promotion through various channels and the effectiveness of key messages; 
  • OneKey - Most accurate and complete syndicated medical database in Russia and CIS countries
    • 600 000 healthcare professionals; 
    • 100 000 organizations with real-life hierarchy; 
    • 60 000 pharmacy institutions; 
    • Data protection law compliance 152-FL; 

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