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Every study is unique and the stakes are high. In order to ensure success, IQVIA uses all available resources - therapeutic expertise, the latest technology, advanced analytics and a proactive approach. This allows us to effectively search for research centers and recruit patients, increase efficiency and quality, and shorten research time. As a result, IQVIA is a leading provider of clinical trial services in Russia. Starting in 1997, our experts have conducted 500+ clinical trials that included 4400+ patients. Our quality is proven by Russian MoH, FDA and EMA inspections.

Our core competences

  • Site monitoring
  • Regulatory and start-up 
  • Outsourcing 
  • Real-world late phase 
  • Project leadership 
  • Medical sciences 
  • Quality assurance 
  • Global regulatory services

We are actively engaged in educating our experts in the field of clinical research as we believe that well-trained and highly motivated specialists are the key to achieving the best results for our customers.

IQVIA aims to provide solutions that will allow you to successfully implement innovations and maximize your capabilities. Contact us to find out more.