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In consumer health, speed and innovation are critical.

Passionate consumers fixated on wellness and prevention. Emerging markets and categories opening whole new worlds. Connected shoppers driving brand loyalty. Fierce competitors fighting for market share and laying claim to new channels.

With a vast collection of data assets, consulting horsepower and expertise at both the local and global level in OTC and Self-Care, IQVIA is the trusted, go-to organization for data, analytics and consulting in the life sciences industry. We understand the OTC patient as a consumer, and vice-versa, bringing best practices from the pharmaceutical, consumer health and CPG industries to provide a unique view of market forces and trends to our clients.

IQVIA offers core services relevant to the Canadian OTC sector:

  • Flu Activity Notification (FAN) service, tracking Flu incidence down to a regional level across Canada This allows subscribers to target their retail activity to areas most significantly impacted by the flu.
  • ProVoice service tracks Canadian doctor recommendations across a series of OTC categories on a quarterly basis allowing consumer health companies to be more efficient with their professional marketing efforts. 
  • A range of Consumer Health/OTC-specific consulting services that are relevant to brand marketers, category managers, the salesforce that interact with HCPs and executive leadership.
  • Insights and analysis on point of sale data for OTC products in the Canadian market.