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Online solutions to help retail pharmacy answer the tough questions needed to foster business growth.

We offer a comprehensive set of online solutions to help Retail Pharmacy answer the tough questions you need to foster business growth — whether your business is large or small. 

We provide industry scorecards, guided analytics by key performance indicators and executive level summaries. Each level of analysis increases in the complexity and insights it provides to Retail Pharmacy. End users can be provided with pre-formatted, easy-to-read dashboards or self direct their own analysis.

Our Retail Pharmacy Portal provides solutions of varying complexity, tailored to each type of user within an organization.

Tier 1 - Best Practices to take a quick pulse of the state of your business

  • Pharmacy Intelligence
  • Canadian RxLite

Tier 2 – Guided Analytics to monitor your business and opportunities on an ongoing basis

Tier 3 – Advanced Analytics for in-depth analysis and diagnosis of topical industry challenges

  • Customer Demographics
    Optimize retention and marketing campaigns with visibility to age and gender demographics by therapeutic class.
  • Patient Adherence
    Uncover the critical factors to help your pharmacies improve the adherence of all patients.
  • Physician Focus
    Highlight business growth opportunities by providing visibility to your share of physician scripts dispensed by area.
  • Pharmacist Professional Services
    Expand business opportunities through the broader scope of practice at the provincial level down to the pharmacy’s trade area.
  • Price Optimization
    Develop competitive pricing strategies and monitor their effectiveness.