Pinpointing Your Commercial Efforts
May 27, 2020
11:00AM - 12:00PM (GMT -04:00) Eastern Daylight Time

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed tremendous pressure on healthcare professionals around the world and limited the ability to have face-to-face interactions. Yet, HCPs still need current information to support the health of their patients and communities. 

Join this webinar to learn how to use granular data in combination with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) to find your next best customer and optimize engagement success. Pinpointing your commercial efforts can help you ensure that your organization is talking to the right healthcare professionals in the right way. 

This webinar will use case studies to discuss how AI/ML can be applied to drive prescription volumes and lower acquisition costs. Our speakers will present best practices that should be applied when undertaking AI/ML initiatives and which key enablers to consider in order to achieve AI/ML success. 

Even if you are unable to join the webinar at the scheduled time, by registering for Pinpointing Your Commercial Efforts, you will get access to the recorded version.

Please note, this session is only open to pharmaceutical companies (or their industry associations). Others interested in this topic, should contact IQVIA directly.