iFlex Training Center

Getting Connected to IQVIA Using Your Personal Computer

Please allow us to take slightly over twenty-five minutes of your time to learn how to access the IT systems that IQVIA offers. These videos are separated by topic and provide a great overview on how to get in and start working quickly! You are welcome to return to these videos at any time as a quick reference.

After watching the instructional videos, please follow these configuration guides for setting up the device that you own:


Welcome and Introduction to iFlex

Begin here for a brief welcome and overview of iFlex from IQVIA IT.


How/To Log-on to iFlex

This video outlines how/to log-on to iFlex.


How/To Access iFlex Light

This video outlines how/to access and navigate iFlex Light on a Laptop.


How/To Access iFlex Full Version (Allows Printing from iFlex on a Laptop)

This video outlines how/to setup the full version of iFlex on a laptop.

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