iFlex Training Center

Getting Connected to IQVIA Using Your Personal Computer

Please allow us to take slightly over twenty-five minutes of your time to learn how to access the IT systems that IQVIA offers. These videos are separated by topic and provide a great overview on how to get in and start working quickly! You are welcome to return to these videos at any time as a quick reference.

After watching the instructional videos, please follow these configuration guides for setting up the device that you own:


(NOTE: An update to the below videos are in progress)

    Welcome and Introduction
    Begin here for a brief welcome from IQVIA IT and an introduction to the iFlex environment as we describe iFlex, what you will use it for, and what you will need to get started.

    iFlex Configuration
    This video covers the steps that must be taken for iFlex to work properly on your computer by explaining the installation of Citrix Receiver and the configuration of your Internet browser.

    Logging into iFlex
    After the successful configuring of your computer, this video guides you through logging into the iFlex web page and then launching the iFlex desktop environment.

    Navigation in iFlex
    This video discusses using iFlex effectively – covering the applications and tools you will use most regularly and the essentials necessary for your success within iFlex.

    Logging Off and Saving
    This concluding video addresses a few frequently asked questions, as well as providing best-practice tips for saving your work and logging off iFlex.