Promotional Detailing: How Does the Average Visit Look in Belgium

Aug 30, 2018

In a previous article, we discussed the distribution of spending over the different marketing channels. Now let's focus on detailing itself and determining how a visit influences the intent to prescribe the detailed product. What does the average visit look like in Belgium:

  • how many products are detailed?
  • how long does a visit take?
  • what characterizes the average visit?

Our analysis shows a high concentration of detailed products over the rolling quarter July 2018 (May-June-July).

The average detailing profile of the Belgian market with 70% of details made on branded products and 26% on OTC products. The average visit duration lies between 5-10 minutes and 95% of the visits can be linked to a product presentation. However, not all presentations are using materials. 24% of details do not used any visual aid. 37% of details left some material behind at the HCP. 

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