Promotional spending insights: Face to face visits are the most important touchpoints towards HCPs

Jun 28, 2018

During the summer, we’ll be providing you with insights from promotional investments in Belgium. This month, our top-line analysis includes approaches for reaching HCPs and the focus of promotional spending. 

Traditional sales model prevails 
The strongly regulated healthcare industry adheres to a sound and proven traditional sales model, although technological advances are slowly being incorporated. As mentioned in the  visual below, more than half of all promotional investments are allocated to face-to-face visits. This is a result of today’s wide range of channels available to reach out to HCPs. 



Promotion heavily weighted towards specific markets
The promotional investments are focused on a limited number of markets:


 In the next issues we’ll tackle the topic of an optimal salesforce size. An undersized sales forces directly impacts sales and earnings as market potential remains untapped. Too large a number means your company would have fared better financially by carrying fewer reps. 

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