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Partner and innovate to drive healthcare forward

As part of the global healthcare community, IQVIA Belgium (including legacy Forcea) continuously invests in ways to help companies find the next breakthrough in improving human health. We support systems for making the most of increasingly limited resources. And empower Belgian hospitals to deliver value and improved outcomes for our citizens. 

Are you looking for …

  • A ready-to-use solution for managing the decision-making information within your hospital? 
  • A way to monitor your clinical and financial performance to direct your business decisions? 
  • A partner in creating a vision and strategy that is both comprehensive and easy to implement? 
  • Benchmarks against other Belgian hospitals to help your hospital make optimal decisions? 
  • More insight into the referral sources directing patients to your hospital? 
  • An understanding of care pathways within your hospital so that you can monitor and optimize them?