Forcea HealthMetrics

How do you share the measures of your hospital’s performance with everyone who needs the feedback – especially when different areas and levels of the organization need different insights? The answer is Forcea HealthMetrics, a specialized scorecard tool that makes it easy to visualize and interpret your progress from different vantage points in the organization.
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A scorecard for tracking your performance indicators

Forcea HealthMetrics loads data automatically from the Forcea HealthReport warehouse as well as other sources, providing maximum productivity and minimal risk of errors. It then presents Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) linked to your hospital’s strategic objectives. The scorecards are completely configurable, so that you can define the reporting parameters and structure, the KPI calculation methods, and the security set up.

A Flexible, Easy-to-Use Tool

Forcea HealthMetrics is designed to be fully customizable to suit your needs with:

  • A choice of methods and targets - calculate and track the performance of your objectives through various methods, including benchmarking them against your peers
  • A handy configuration interface - define your reporting structure, ratios or more complex KPIs, and even customize the status and color coding of actual vs. target values
  • Flexible technology - the solution is platform independent and enables reporting with industry-leading tools, such as IBM Cognos® and Qlik Sense®
  • The ability to control user access - restrict access to information based on your organizational requirements
  • Automatic data refreshes - you determine the update schedule - fresh data daily? Weekly? - no manual intervention required