Physician Referral Intelligence

A single, loyal referring physician can make a significant difference in your hospital’s financial health. To be certain that your patient recruitment activities are optimized, you can base your strategy on Physician Referral Intelligence.
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Insight into the origin of your patient referrals

Physician Referral Intelligence (PRI) uses geo-mapped information to reveal the origin of your incoming patients by referring doctor or by specialty, and shows how referral trends are changing over time. 

The best way to gain new patients and expand your business

  • Cross reference your recruitment activity data with a selection of our OneKeyTM database 
  • Perform an operational check on the quality of your physician database, and maintain an up-to-date set of information on all the doctors in your care region (whether or not they provide referrals), to include their university, date of graduation, specialty, seniority, etc. Of course, all of this information is collected and processed with respect for the data subject’s rights and in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Optimize recruitment activities based on referral patterns and potential

  • Know which physicians are most responsible for your incoming patients
  • Identify senior physicians who may be retiring, and know who will take over for them
  • Track referral trends over time to understand what drives changing referral habits
  • Develop strategies to change the behavior of non-referring physicians 
  • Understand the relationship between referring physician and the treating doctor in your facility