Loss of Exclusivity - Considerations for a defense strategy in India
White Paper
Oct 23, 2019

Given the high variation in affordability and lower prices of branded generics, it creates economic incentives for physicians and patients (and payors in limited cases) to shift volume from innovator brands to generics.

The resulting rapid decline in a brand's volume and market share is the primary concern of brands facing loss of exclusivity (LoEs). While some degree of branded volume erosion due to generics seems inevitable, the extent of a brand's decline can be mitigated through strategic initiatives.

Our latest white paper explores several strategic options available to innovator companies as they prepare for upcoming LoEs and generic competition in the Indian market. An important consideration while designing an LoE strategy is to understand the impact of the LoE on evolving market dynamics.

IQVIA’s South Asia Consulting team’s extensive background in commercial strategy makes it uniquely positioned to provide this insight.

Between 2019 and 2028, a combined total of approx. $500 million in pharmaceutical sales are at risk from loss of exclusivity, with approx. $210 million at risk in 2019 and 2020 alone.

Though these may seem small from a global perspective, these innovator brands currently contribute between 20% to 60% revenues to affected companies, primarily multinationals companies present in India.

While loss of exclusivity (LoE) could mean the end of a product’s value (as well as revenue stream), LoE is a natural milestone in a product’s lifecycle which— similar to market launch—should be strategically planned for and managed to ensure optimum returns on investment.

Loss of exclusivity allows for generic competition to emerge, which gives various stakeholders, options.


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