EyeforPharma Barcelona 2018
March 13 - 15, 2018
1:00AM - 1:00AM (GMT+01:00) Central Europe Standard Time
Centre Convencions Internacional
Barcelona, Spain
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Eyeforpharma Barcelona 2018 provides expertise, patient insights, real-world data – the building blocks to deliver innovative and complete healthcare solutions, to make a real difference to the lives of patients and customers. Key themes include:

  • A Vision for the Future
  • Commercial Model Innovation
  • Talent and Diversity
  • Patient Partnerships
  • Advances in Customer Engagement
  • Digital Innovation and Analytics
  • Sales Force Effectiveness
  • Medical Affairs

IQVIA are present across the event with our speaker portfolio, engaging booth, workshop drivers and Orchestrated Customer Engagement European social event. Join us during these events. 



Hitting a Smaller Target, More Often: Driving Profitable Growth in a World of Increasingly Precise Medicine

13 March, 11:55 - 12:25
Plenary room – day 1

Alistair Grenfell President, North Europe, Middle East and Africa IQVIA

  • The Pharma industry continues to innovate at an increasingly faster pace, however, this innovation looks different today than it did 20 years ago with transformation from mass-market launches to the world of more targeted and precise medicine. 
  • A more precise world means new novel treatments in underserved diseases, higher survival rates and better outcomes for the patient and healthcare system
  • For pharma, it means patients and their prescribers are harder to find, competition is more intense and proving value of medicine is much harder.
  • To grow profitably, companies need to be more precise, targeted and efficient in developing and commercialising new innovations which will require leverage of the growing availability of healthcare data, advanced analytics and technology alongside innovations in human science


Engaging with Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) Online

13 March, 15:15-16:20
Workshop sessions room 121 – day 1

Liz Murray, Senior Director, Multichannel Centre of Excellence Europe & Emerging Markets; Sarah Rickwood, Vice President, European Thought Leadership; Catarina Serrano, Associate Director, Multichannel Centre of Excellence Europe & Emerging Markets; Alexandra Smith, Consultant, European Thought Leadership

Pharma companies invest significant resources in providing information online, either via their own dedicated portals or third-party sites. Although automated engagement via such platforms may take a large share of digital volume, these contacts may not be meeting HCP needs. Research suggests the need to review how such resources are best utilized, now and in the future. In this interactive workshop, we will:

  • See data, understand what HCPs are looking for online and how they access it
  • Hear from experts – a physician, pharma marketer, online portals specialist
  • Explore what pharma can do differently to improve online engagement with HCPs


Rethinking Evidence Spend in Late Phase

13 March, 16:50–17:20
Green Room (Medical Affairs) - day 1 

Barbara Isquith Arone Vice President, Business Operations Center for Advanced Evidence Generation IQVIA

  • The era of “precision medicine” has many implications for evidence development. The economics of the market dictate that if medicines are serving smaller patient populations, biopharmaceutical companies must support products and spend research dollars more efficiently.
  • A new array of design options and existing data sources provide expanded opportunities for design, endpoint and operational choices that provide cost efficiencies over traditional designs.
  • In this presentation, we will discuss a case study where a systemic review of late phase studies identified missed opportunities for design and operational efficiencies.


Beyond the Basics: Mastering Advanced Analytics to Optimize Orchestrated Customer Engagement

14 March, 9:30-10:00
Purple Room (Digital Innovation & Analytics) – day 2

Bernd Haas Vice President, Technology Solutions IQVIA; Agnieszka Wolk Director, Statistical Services IQVIA

Machine Learning, AI and advanced analytics are providing unique insights to help drive innovative approaches to customer engagement. In this session, IQVIA will share breakthrough techniques and case studies in: 

  • Identifying evidenced-based, real-time multichannel insights to measure impact and optimize channel activities
  • Targeting HCPs with the right frequency, sequence, timing and message precision in order to drive sales and determine next best actions
  • Utilizing machine learning and advanced analytics to improve impact and effectiveness of marketing investment and execution


People Versus Study Subjects and Data Points: Why We need to Rethink Patient Engagement Across the Clinical Development and Commercial Lifecycle

14 March, 11:40–12:10
Red Room (Patient Innovation track) – day 2

John Procter Head of Global Service & Solution Development Patient Engagement & Medical Affairs IQVIA

How to carry over developed patient relationships in clinical trials and maintain these in commercialization. There are significant financial investments done in patient recruitment and HCP engagement during clinical development of a drug. However, once on the market, most companies only provide passive services. “Push” turns into a “pull” strategy where patients and HCPs need to actively ask for product information and support. In this presentation, we will explore: 

  • How in specialist diseases and rare diseases, the patient-physician relationship remains the same even past the trial. Clinicians recommend their patients for recruitment programs. A critical success factor for patient support is to engage physicians as part of the process
  • How can we reach a level in data management where we can connect data sources from de-identified patients in trials to an identified patient in a disease management program? 


Driving Launch Success Through Effective Channel Mix

14 March, 12:10–1:15
Workshop sessions room 121 - day 2

Gareth Dabbs, Senior Principal, Technology Solutions; Sarah Rickwood, Vice President, European Thought Leadership; Alexandra Smith, Consultant, European Thought Leadership

Drawing on the insights from IQVIA’s Launch Excellence V research on the countries accounting for 90% of innovative protected launch sales, and ChannelDynamics data, we will identity successful strategies for the channel mix and content in this interactive workshop. Join us to:

  • Discover how channel mix for launches changed in recent years
  • Quantify and discuss the growing role digital plays in the channel mix, and explore indications for launch success Identify differences in the channel mix of Excellent versus non-Excellent launches


Changing the Game in Customer Engagement: New Strategies for Connection, Intelligence and Orchestration

14 March, 16-50–17-20
Blue room (Advances in Customer Engagement) – day 2

Kris Bruynseels Senior Principal, Technology Solutions IQVIA; Siva Nadarajah General Manager, Social IQVIA

Big changes are underway in how life sciences companies engage their customers. This session will provide various perspectives from varied pharma stakeholders and their customers:

  • What’s working and what’s not in the current engagement model along with a roadmap of capabilities needed to transform the approach
  • Connecting data, technology and people in new ways and taking advantage of emerging capabilities like machine learning based recommendations and AI-powered chatbots
  • Charting the course to a new model of orchestration with your customers
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