Turning on a Dime
A Tale of Two Early Adopters of IQVIA e-Detailing Solutions
Dan Atieh, Senior Director, Global Technology Solutions
May 01, 2020

Given the restrictions on face-to-face interactions from COVID-19 containment measures, IQVIA has worked with a number of life sciences companies to respond quickly with digital solutions. I’d like to share the experiences of two organizations that acted early, as they are vibrant examples of speedy implementation and field force adoption.

Up and running in two weeks

One high-growth pharmaceutical company based in the UK witnessed a sudden decline in healthcare professional (HCP) in-person details as limitations on traditional meetings increased globally in response to COVID-19. The company was using IQVIA’s Orchestrated Customer Engagement solution to manage multichannel interactions with customers and recognized e-detailing as a way to continue personal touchpoints with HCPs during the crisis.

Within just one week of approaching IQVIA, this company went through its user-acceptance testing (UAT). During the following week, OCE Remote Detailing application went live. The company developed specific content for each country using IQVIA’s ePromo commercial content management solution. After just two weeks, 200 sales representatives were conducting personal meetings with HCPs.

Busy physicians embraced this digital channel as well, appreciating the convenience of attending shorter, more focused remote sessions through an engaging and easy-to-use format.

The native integration of OCE Remote Detailing with OCE Sales empowers reps to capture call details the same as with other channels, track account progress, find-tune their sales strategies, and more.

Decisive shift to remote interactions

A privately owned pharmaceutical company operating in one of the countries hardest hit by the coronavirus also moved swiftly. Once the country-wide lockdown was mandated, this company adopted remote detailing to ensure continuity of personal interactions with its customers during restrictions.

The company selected IQVIA Remote Detailing in order to onboard e-detailing capabilities as quickly as possible. In the single week that it took to implement IQVIA Remote Detailing, the company trained each of its 135 reps in a session that lasted just ninety minutes. When the application went live, the representatives were ready to go, and today the sales force averages about 500 calls per day, with each running for an average of 10-20 minutes.

Based on positive early results this company has concluded it will continue using IQVIA Remote Detailing after the restrictions have been lifted.

Learn more about remote detailing solutions from IQVIA HERE

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