Protect the global population from infectious disease with innovative vaccine and anti-infective treatments

Your work promises to improve the lives of millions around the globe by treating and even preventing diseases that plague entire populations. The path is never straight or easy. Trials can be large and reach into areas with limited literacy and technology resources, often with a very short seasonal window for execution.

IQVIA, The Human Data Science Company, can help you build more predictable pathways to improved outcomes in anti-infective and vaccine development.

  • With evidence-driven design, precisely pinpoint the patients who match your protocol and activate only the sites you need based on patient density and investigator locations.
  • Bring precision and predictability to your recruitment efforts. More accurately forecast enrollment targets, reduce protocol amendments and increase the number of patients per site.
  • More confidently identify where and when to focus your recruitment and marketing efforts by monitoring consumer data for local outbreaks.
  • Extend your reach through high-capacity vaccine sites - aligned with centralized labs that accommodate geographic areas that experience a variety of infections including influenza, pneumococcal, norovirus, malaria, TB, dengue, HIV, and more. We can follow you around the world, provide sites with specialized training, recruit special populations and operate effectively regardless of locally available resources.
  • Accelerate success by tapping our extensive expertise in vaccine assay development and diagnostics.
  • Help ensure long-term safety through post-approval studies and monitoring adverse effects between products or batches in near real-time.

Let us help you develop your infectious disease treatments.