Create a compelling value story and find the right price for your product

Successful products must have compelling value stories for all key stakeholders: providers, regulatory agencies, HTA bodies, payers, and patients. IQVIA can help you protect and expand your product’s commercial success by demonstrating the unique value and outcomes your advances bring.

  • Understand what payers are paying for and create an integrated story using evidence generated in clinical trials. Continue to tell a payer-accepted story with real-world evidence.
  • Find influencing factors that differentiate your product and enhance speed to market.
  • Assess risk and opportunitites in local and global markets.
  • Deep quantitative and qualitative analytics to reduce the uncertainty that can come with a complex pricing strategy
  • Pricing insights for each unique product, based on global, regional, and country-specific strategies
  • New insights into evolving pricing methods and value frameworks, always linking price to proven value

Powered by the IQVIA CORE™, we can help you demonstrate clinical value as well as determine the appropriate price for your innovations. With over 40 years of pricing experience and a diverse team of in-house experts, aligning and coordinating with key stakeholders in every region — we can help you think globally and act locally.

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Introducing the IQVIA CORE™, the new way we'll innovate.

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