Intelligence, automation, integration.

Streamline your regulatory processes with our new, end-to-end regulatory information management system, IQVIA RIM Smart. Free your team from labor-intensive maintenance to focus on delivering valuable products to market.

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Focus on what you do best

With comprehensive RIM systems, companies gain much greater insight into their regulatory programs.

Shylendra Kumar, Director, Technology Solutions

A holistic approach to regulatory management.

RIM Smart is the modern regulatory information management solution built to increase speed, collaboration, efficiency and visibility across your entire global portfolio, improving performance at a lower cost.

Delivered securely in the cloud, IQVIA RIM Smart provides interconnected, comprehensive and intelligent management of the entire regulatory process.

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A single source for information and implementation.

men reviewing information on computer
men reviewing information on computer

An intelligent, integrated path to compliance.

  • Linkage to Regulatory Intelligence Database (RID) keeps you up-to-date in real-time
  • IQVIA safety and quality platform integration will heighten performance and enhance flexibility

PLUG AND PLAY – componentized, cross-platform compatibility for seamless integration with existing systems.

FULLY INTEGRATED MODULE ARRAY – to dynamically configure for your specific needs.

CLOUD-BASED FOR MORE RAPID DEPLOYMENT – consumer-grade user interface for intuitive ease of use, faster adoption, better ROI

BUILT BY REGULATORY PROFESSIONALS – for regulatory professionals

Add efficiency without losing control

Automate manual processes and increase connectivity for improved efficiency, cost savings, and better coordination and cross-enterprise visibility.


add efficiency regulatory compliance
female working on data charts on screen
female working on data charts on screen

Navigate accurately across disparate systems with RIM Smart

IQVIA's AI-enabled RIM Smart system seamlessly connects regulatory, safety and quality data and integrates with your existing tools so the right users can rapidly access the right information at the right time.

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