Incentive Compensation

Optimize the performance of your sales engine with our Incentive Compensation Center of Excellence.
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Optimize the performance of your sales engine.

Our Incentive Compensation Center of Excellence leverages the IQVIA CORE for the information, technology and domain expertise to help you:

  • Set sales teams up for success with precision plan design that drives speed to market and ensures your investment is motivating and rewarding the desired behaviors
  • Minimize your risk through efficient administration that ensures accurate, timely payments and upholds compliance standards
  • Keep sales teams focused and engaged by providing timely, accurate information
  • Assess and improve your incentive compensation plans to ensure your field can adapt to changes in their local market, formularies, providers or regulatory changes.

Contact us to find out more about how to keep your sales team focused on sales.

brainstorm session
brainstorm session

Sales Force Effectiveness

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