United States Solutions

Almost everything we do is powered by the IQVIA CORE. This holistic approach allows us to use Human Data Science to create integrated solutions for our customers.
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US Solutions
Commercial Operations

Optimizing commercial operations to drive value


Simplify compliance, save your bottom line

Information Technology

Leverage technology to maximize value and minimize risk

Market Access

Gain high value access and increase the profitability of your brands


Grow your brand, now and through patent expiry

Real-World Evidence Solutions

Collect and Harness the Power of Real World Insights

Reporting and Analytics

Transform data into action

US Segments
U.S. Government Solutions

Improve healthcare for all with actionable insights and predictive analytics

Medical Devices and Diagnostics

Leapfrog the competition by proving the value of your products

Payer Solutions

Drive better care and greater efficiency through deep, actionable insights.

Pharmacy Segment

Dominate key business areas with new business data and market views.

Provider Solutions

Power your growth by reaching the right physicians and their patients.