Launch with confidence and excellence the first time

A successful brand launch is a priority. Evolving dynamics can pose critical challenges to your brand.

IQVIA has the solution. Our Launch Center of Excellence uses an empirical approach to monitor the US launch environment to understand the factors that are critical to optimizing launch performance.

You can rely on our approach to:

  • Quantify influences of payer, provider, and patient stakeholders using data from more than 500 launch studies since 2007 and developing case studies to understand the most successful launches across a broad spectrum of therapeutic areas
  • Provide a core set of offerings built on robust analytics and information powered by IQVIA CORE™ that are adapted based on best demonstrated practices for today’s dynamic launch environment
  • Foster internal and external alignment to ensure launch success
  • Maximize brand opportunities by expanding markets, overcoming payer obstacles, serving more patients, and increasing patient adherence

Contact us and learn more about launch advisory services.

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