Optimizing Brand Performance
White Paper
Mar 06, 2020


Every year, brand teams face the same question: how can we improve our brand’s performance? Except in those cases where new clinical data are available to either demonstrate efficacy or support a new indication, they must do so with the existing label.

Brand teams usually have a good understanding of what can be improved with brands that have been on the market and have a performance history. However, they are usually less certain as to how to improve recently launched brands that are under-performing.

In either case, brand teams have an understandably difficult time determining which performance levers will yield the largest impact to improve the brand’s overall performance. Which investments will have the greatest impact – and at what cost? In the absence of anything concrete to go on, they make this decision, at best, as an educated guess and, at worst, as a shot in the dark. 

It is possible, however, to rely on an evidence-based framework to decide where to focus to improve brand performance effectively. Here, we describe a novel, new framework (so unique, in fact, that a patent is pending on it) that reduces the complexity of brand decisions by quantifying the impact that can be expected from various tactics.


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