Suspected Cancer: Increased Risk of Mental Disorders

Research shows that women with suspected breast or genital cancer are more likely to develop depression, anxiety symptoms, and adjustment disorders

Cancer has been shown to significantly reduce the quality of life of those affected. Emotional stress is a significant side effect. This relationship is considered proven. However, little is known about the influence of suspected diagnoses on the psyche. Researchers from QuintilesIMS looked into the question of whether unexplained suspected diagnoses of breast or various forms of genital cancer are associated with women at greater risk of developing depression, anxiety or adjustment than they are Women without cancer diagnoses. The basis of the study was the anonymised treatment of more than 4,800 women in gynecological practices in Germany. As a result, approximately 15% of women suspected to be diagnosed with either of the two forms of cancer in one follow-up period of three years suffered from one of the three mental disorders. For the most part, the risk was expected to be greater. in the group with confirmed diagnosis also included in the study. Given the risk of suspected diagnosis, the researchers recommend a multi-month screening for psychiatric disorders after the initial diagnosis.

Download the full media information on the increased risk of psychiatric disorders in suspected cancer diagnosis and images.