HIV Vaccines: Why we can't give up

Dec 21, 2018

December 1 marked the 30th World AIDS Day – a time to appreciate the strong hope and efforts of HIV research, but also to acknowledge the still pressing need for a preventive vaccine to help end the global pandemic that has caused 35 million deaths since the early 1980s.

In an interview recognizing this occasion, IQVIA’s Paul Turner, Medical Strategy Lead, Senior Medical Director, Infectious Diseases, shares his perspective on where we are today, lessons learned along the way, and why we can’t give up.

The main challenges are the complexity and exclusivity of the virus and the communication flows between different influencing bodies on this subject. However, Paul is convinced that the following will get us to the development of the long-awaited vaccine:


Quote from Paul Turner


IQVIA experts apply the company’s extensive experience in HIV, including 61 global treatment and prevention studies at 2,284 sites and involving 30,170 subjects, to describe progress towards vaccine development.

Read the full interview with Paul at and discover more about the work of IQVIA’s Infectious Diseases and Vaccines Center of Excellence.