Where next for Biotechnology in Belgium?

Nov 29, 2018

On 26 October, a special edition of ArtsenkrantLe Journal du Médecin honored the Belgian biotech/biopharma industry.

But what makes Belgium so attractive for the biotech industry? What will Belgian biotechnology look like in 10 years’ time? And despite the success, what are the priorities, challenges and risks that companies in this sector should consider? These are some key questions explored in the journal.

  • Belgium has a unique ecosystem comprising very high-quality universities/research centers, start-ups and scale-ups with excellent projects and strong leadership, and a positive fiscal climate.
  • Biotech/biopharma organizations aspire evolving towards full maturity, both developing and manufacturing assets and operating on a global scale, preserving their independence but without excluding strategic partnerships.
  • But they still face challenges in convincing investors/potential partners of project value, in accessing both talent and knowledge, and in overcoming pressure on prices and patient access to new medicines.

Belgium biotech market share 2010-2017Against this background, IQVIA has developed a specific approach to support biotech/biopharma companies. From first-in-man through Phase III studies to launch and commercialization, we can help you advance your asset with highly targeted and efficient clinical operations, optimal trial design and strategy, and compelling value definition, all while delivering results to investors, stakeholders and regulatory authorities with confidence.

We are proud to have been able to contribute to this special edition of Artsenkrant / Le Journal du Médecin. To receive more information about this subject, please contact Carlo Ciapparelli.