75% of physicians lack trust in pharma information? Not anymore!

Sep 28, 2018

In today’s competitive markets, building customer confidence is more important than ever. Physician lack of trust in the information provided by pharma is well known. For some, it is the reason they decline to meet with reps. Often bombarded by duplicate, conflicting messages from multiple channels with no apparent concern for their needs, they cannot be blamed for feeling companies are more interested in selling products than serving customers or patients. Perhaps more than any other challenge, this lack of trust calls for Life Sciences companies to engage HCPs in more positive ways. But how?

Orchestrated Customer Engagement (OCE) is a new concept that helps companies realize their goal of building customer trust and increasing the effectiveness of their HCP engagements by: 

  • Changing the economics of commercializing a drug, enabling greater efficiency, faster time to market and lower costs
  • Streamlining communication across the organization, harmonizing all customer-engagement activities and using data and analytics to provide targeted messages
  • Coordinating people, processes and technology, increasing transparency and cross-functional understanding

OCE can be achieved in stages but to begin requires three key steps:

  1. Adopt a horizontal mindset, recognizing the link between commercializing a brand and the customer experiences provided
  2. Get the data right, through good information management and understanding of HCPs
  3. Consider running pilots in countries where there is understanding of the market, good relationships with HCPs and other stakeholders, and where the complexity, message duplication and multiple channels will provide a good test

OCE offers an unparalleled opportunity to build trust relationships with healthcare professionals. To find out more and read a copy of our new White Paper, click here.

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