How to become a trusted guide to HCPs

Apr 26, 2018

Reduced profitability and growing reliance on successful specialty product launches are placing pharma’s long established commercial model under pressure. At the same time, the rise in digital and social media engagement is creating new opportunities to innovate. Physicians, meanwhile, are being confronted by more information than ever. With less time available, they need trusted guides to aid their decision making. Fundamental change is required and the customer-facing sales team must evolve accordingly.

Progressing to a multichannel approach
Face to face detailing has long been the central pillar of promotion in our industry, achieving HCP conversion in 59% of cases vs. only 32% for non-face to face channels (2017, top 7 developed markets). However, with the transition to a multichannel promotional model, effectiveness will need to be seen as the combined impact of all channels within it, whether face-to-face or remote, personal or non-personal, digital or traditional.

Understanding physician preferences
The good news is that most doctors value information from pharma and the way they receive it. But with only one third of doctors entirely satisfied, there is room for improvement – both in the quality of information provided and in ensuring the right promotional channel mix. Details utilizing digital supporting materials, for example, are on average 72% longer than those using traditional materials, indicating physician preference for tablets.

Meeting new needs
The customer-facing team of the future will be smaller and more diverse. It will be a team interacting to address the whole system, not individual silos. A team of individuals with a broader set of skills and the right structures, processes and technological support to function effectively. 

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