Data science brings new insights for segmentation and targeting in the pharma industry

Feb 22, 2018

Using an evidence-based approach, you can remove the uncertainty to make the best decisions for your plans.

Targeting and segmentation exercises allow you to detect the concentration of a particular market, gain a view on the potential difference between the various segments and understand your brand penetration in each one. 

Below is a flavor of the insights that a targeting validation exercise can bring:  


A smart approach to the segments within a market can show possible discrepancies between territories in terms of their potential and allows call capacity to be highlighted. Consider how useful it would be to learn that 70% of the total market is prescribed by 30% of the physicians. And how valuable to be able to realign your resource if judged necessary. 

More than half of upcoming launches are of moderately differentiated products in well-established disease areas. Therefore, priority should be given to finding a way to “stand out from the crowd”. These launches must find or create an edge that will allow a drug to be positioned effectively for particular patient segments and create clear differentiation from existing competitors. This will require innovative approaches to unveil insights into stakeholder needs and behaviors that competitors do not have. 

If you would like to learn more about all the possibilities around targeting and segmentation using data science, our team will be happy to welcome you for an interactive learning session reserved for only a small group of guests. Contact us to learn more.