Keep a watchful eye on compliance

Spotting potential ethics and regulatory deviations/violations demands both speed and visibility to a range of data sources. How can you effectively detect an early whiff of fraud if it takes weeks to integrate data? How can you support fact-based decisions if the facts aren’t at your fingertips?

IQVIA’s Ethics and Compliance Management makes it easy to monitor your business for anomalies that might suggest a breach in compliance. Our consultants will identify the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that matter to you, develop customized analyses to suit your company’s needs, and provide dashboards that deliver oversight at a glance. We’re able to assimilate data from multiple sources (such as SAP,, your healthcare provider management system, your expense tool, and your compliance hotline) to configure a solution that sheds light on areas of ethics and compliance concern.

IQVIA consultants offer solutions to help you:

  • Monitor compliance
  • Detect outliers and/or risks early
  • Spot patterns in customer profiles and behaviors
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of customer training
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of policies and procedures implementation
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