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Lexi is one of the three key elements that IQVIA has identified as essential to exceptional enterprise-grade technology, with the other two being Ada (microintelligence) and Apollo (human-centered design). Lexi is an application program interface (API) layer that connects all applications and data using a common vocabulary, and which powers a premier integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solution. The business benefits of Lexi are that it reduces the cost and complexity of integrating disparate systems, increases efficiency, enforces compliance and security, and facilitates real-time integration of 3rd party systems.

3 Key elements of exceptional enterprise-grade technology

  • Integration: All applications easily integrate with all others. They are super connected. We call this element Lexi.
  • Interface: The user experience is intuitive and friendly. It’s very easy to use. We call this element Apollo.
  • Intelligence: The application gives you even more than you ask for. It anticipates your needs. We call this element Ada.

The most important factor in the success or failure of deploying a platform or implementing new technology involves the connectivity between systems. Life sciences companies traditionally have focused on point-to-point integration models because of the costs and complexity of connecting information across multiple products and channels.

The Point-to-Point Challenge: Point-to-point, the integration model used by many life sciences companies, is very complex and difficult to manage, especially in an ever growing application landscape.


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