The Principles of Human Data Science
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What is Human Data Science

Human Data Science integrates the study of human science with breakthroughs in data science and technology.

The discipline advances our understanding of human health, enabling stakeholders to make better, more insightful decisions.

It has the potential to close the gaps in research, in patient care and in health system performance.

The application of Human Data Science is enabling companies to reimagine and develop new approaches to clinical development and commercialization, speed innovation and accelerate improvements in healthcare outcomes.

As a society, so many decisions in healthcare are still based on assumptions, subjective experience or on what works best for the average person.

But science is getting more precise.

To adjust to a world where the level of detail you have matters, it’s not just the amount of available data that is important, it’s tools to tap into it that are vital. 

Human Data Science can help healthcare leaders be more precise, and more informed in their decision making - resulting in human decisions based on the individual and less on the average.  

Everyone wants to move the needle. Not just in the short term, but to really advance human health and break through the frustrating roadblocks.

There is a sense that advances in precision medicine, analytics, and technology are coming together to finally make some of these things possible.

Human Data Science provides the approach, the methodology and the tools to powerfully blend data about human interactions with human science about the biology of disease.

It also helps us simultaneously harness AI, machine learning and predictive analytics to generate insights that can improve decision-making.

Human science is about looking at human health.

It’s about being more creative, more imaginative and more expansive in our understanding of disease, health, treatment, and patient journeys.

To advance the human experience, you need to understand behavior and health in a different way.

Alzheimer’s isn’t just about what is happening to your brain tissue.

It’s about understanding the myriad of factors that may go into how you experience Alzheimer’s.

It’s about where you live, what risks you take, the things you eat.

It’s about looking at people, not just patients.

Because in the end, we want to prevent people from becoming patients in the first place.

It’s also about being specific. 

About looking at the unique, scientific combination of factors that go into determining the right decision. The average isn’t good enough.

To answer questions about human health, we need human science.

Human Data Science shapes the foundation for a more proactive approach to the management of disease.

It shifts the focus from the late stage of disease progression when the disease has manifested itself clinically to the early stage when the disease is still asymptomatic.

Thereby intercepting the disease before it occurs, a benefit that resonates mentally and financially.

This is a new paradigm.

This is preventative, holistic care that takes all aspects of disease into account.

This is Human Data Science delivering sustainable value to the patient, the healthcare system, and society. 

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The Power of Human Data Science

Explore Human Data Science in this video series that breaks out the Current State of Healthcare, The Principles of Human Data Science, The Stakeholder Impact of Human Data Science, and Human Data Science in Action.

Human Data Science

To solve the biggest challenges in human health, and realize the potential of big data in healthcare, we need more than data science. We need Human Data Science.

Advancing Human Data Science

A New Approach to Improving Human Health Outcomes

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