Human Data Science illuminates a path to discovery.

Human Data Science brings together human science with advances in data science to close knowledge gaps and improve human health and wellness. Learn more about the application and impact of Human Data Science in this five-part video series. 
Experience Human Data Science - The Path to Discovery - OVerview

The Power of Human Data Science

Advances in healthcare are accelerating, but major gaps in health and disease understanding still exist. Tackling these gaps will require an innovative, integrated approach.

In this overview video, learn the fundamentals of Human Data Science and the impact this approach is already having on the healthcare ecosystem. 

Experience Human Data Science - The Path to Discovery - Video 1

Overcoming Challenges in Healthcare

Healthcare is in a constant state of transformation. In the last decade, we have witnessed major developments in science and innovation. These developments have positively impacted healthcare, halted disease progression, and prolonged patient lives. But we are still faced with major gaps and challenges in healthcare and science. 

In video one, explore gaps in and potential solutions to Alzheimer’s research, new technology, and public health initiatives.

Experience Human Data Science - The Path to Discovery - Video 2

The Principles of Human Data Science

Human Data Science integrates the study of human science with breakthroughs in data science and technology. This integration is enabling companies to reimagine and develop new approaches to clinical development and commercialization, speed innovation and accelerate improvements in healthcare outcomes.

In video two, dive into the three foundational elements of Human Data Science: human data, human science, and data science.

Experience Human Data Science - The Path to Discovery - Video 3

Stakeholder Engagement with Human Data Science

The discipline of Human Data Science is based on using an integrated approach to develop evidence-based, interconnected approaches, to get the best possible insights across data science and human science.

In video three, explore the impact of Human Data Science on researchers, physicians, patients, life science companies, payers, and policymakers. Also learn about the six areas that will require stakeholder commitment to put Human Data Science into practice. 

Experience Human Data Science - The Path To Discovery - Video 4

Human Data Science in Action

The application of Human Data Science is already happening, stakeholders are approaching challenges in healthcare with new perspectives and the impact is positive.  

In video four, dive into three case studies that demonstrate Human Data Science in action at health systems, with disease prevention and treatment, and on delivering human health services.

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