A new discipline illuminates new possibilities
Alan Frederickson, Senior Director, Connected Devices IQVIA
Mar 01, 2018

In November, we introduced a new discipline to the world: Human Data Science. A way to realize the future of human health by bringing together the advances in data science with the possibilities of human science. Human Data Science helps us think differently about the future of healthcare. What happens when we understand patients as people, rather than as averages or statistics? When we unleash the power of Big Data to understand where, and how, health is managed beyond the healthcare environment? We gain valuable knowledge. We ask better questions. We make smarter decisions.

Digital Health is one natural epicenter of Human Data Science. The digital health ecosystem is expanding rapidly to include a wide range of apps, wearables, biometric sensors, connected virtual assistants and web-based interactive programs; over 318,000 health apps and 340 consumer wearable devices are available worldwide, with over 200 health apps being added each day.[1]

These innovative approaches and technologies, and the data they generate, have the potential to transform clinical trials. By moving beyond buzzwords and into action, deploying remote devices with sound scientific practices allows for better data collection and transparency, accelerated timelines, reduced costs and improved clinical trial outcomes for sponsors and patients.

The Digital Biomarker Difference

One of the most significant outcomes of these innovative devices is their ability to produce data from any substance, structure, or process of the body, its actions or products, to predict the incidence of disease or health conditions – otherwise known as digital biomarkers. The associated value comes from the ability to passively and continuously track health, in real time; a way to help to explain, influence or predict health related outcomes.

In addition to producing biomarkers, digital health devices can also help lower site burden, improve recruitment and retention and improve adherence (to the trial protocol and/or prescribed medication).

Human Data Science helps Digital Health close the gap.

The value of collecting and connecting digital health data has surpassed the barriers, and via Human Data Science, we can close the gap between data collection and clinical decision-making.  It’s time to ensure compliance, track outcomes, and realize new opportunities for unprecedented connectivity with patients.

For more on this topic, listen to IQVIA’s recent webinar, where leaders from IQVIA, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals and Philips Healthcare explore the challenges and opportunities of this new digital health paradigm.

Listen >
Read Insight Brief >


[1]The Growing Value of Digital Health Report

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