See your product’s true potential.

IQVIA Pipeline Architect brings the commercial future into sharper focus during clinical trials, so you can streamline your development process and prioritize the most promising compounds.

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Use data to drive development decisions

An objective, analytic approach to identifying the future value of compounds can streamline your portfolio and create greater focus in your strategies.

IQVIA's Pipeline Architect is a technology platform that pulls data from over 32,000 clinical trials and forecasts commercial asset value using data from over 4,000 products. 

This data is then combined with information from across your organization - from regulatory and clinical to commercial and portfolio groups - to enable truly precise scenario planning. 

Pipeline Architect delivers integrated workflows, access to clinical and commercial data, and a platform to create, benchmark, and refine plans. All without adding extra resources. 

A single platform drives results

Pipeline Architect puts best practice within reach, all based on one of the world's largest integrated clinical and commercial databases. 

  • Identifying ways to save on clinical trial costs and shave time off development plans
  • Generate new development plans quickly and efficiently, using a library of pre-configured designs populated with industry data
  • Access best-in-class decision science approaches, backed by sophisticated quantitative measures, to manage risk and optimize the full value of your asset

Tap into the power of IQVIA CORE

IQVIA combines deep therapeutic and scientific knowledge with one of the world's largest sources of curated healthcare data. We integrate diverse streams of real world anonymized patient data with global commercial data. Why? Because we want to help you reach your milestones faster and differentiate your therapies right from the start.

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Discover unrealized connections and manage your product across the entire lifecycle, from research and development, compliance to launch and commercialization.

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