Get out of the email rut with automated document exchange

Wingspan SiteZONE from IQVIA offers automated document exchange with sites, freeing your clinical research associate (CRA) to focus on important issues rather than managing and delivering reams of paperwork.

  • Automate delivery of documents so you don’t need to email documents to sites. Eliminate the need to track deliveries with documents that are made available automatically as soon as they are approved. 
  • Drive timeliness by automatically requesting documents from your sites and improve efficiency with due date reminders
  • Create site personnel accounts automatically based on CTMS data while still allowing overrides and corrections
  • View site performance at a glance, including stats about document submission timing 
  • Eliminate the need for hardcopy retention with electronic signatures and acknowledgements

Give your sites access to an easy-to-navigate library of essential documents.  Qualified users can download individual documents or all documents to support their Investigator Site File.  Ensure both sponsor and site are using the same document versions so you can eliminate time-consuming reconciliations.

SiteZONE offers more efficiency for sites, more effective interactions between CRA and sponsor, and more time back for you to focus on site monitoring.

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